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Tips for Becoming a Quality Mobile Phlebotomist/Insurance Examiner

Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Tips 

When you buy a laboratory centrifuge machine, make sure it has 6-8 tube slots for spinning down blood tubes. As a Mobile Phlebotomist use your centrifuge machine in a room with a little ventilation, and place the centrifuge on a flat surface instead of a carpet. Spinning down blood tubes with a centrifuge is better on a flat floor surface, avoid using your centrifuge machine on your kitchen counter or near children. A garage floor is a good idea to spin down blood tubes with a centrifuge machine, for the Mobile Phlebotomist that aren't using their nearby Paramedical Examiner office for spinning their blood tubes. 

The speed for spinning blood tubes in a centrifuge machine is commonly used at 15 RPM (rounds per minute). Most Mobile Phlebotomist buy their 6-place centrifuge machine online on eBay or Amazon at a good price. Some used centrifuge machines cost between $80-$210 the price varies. When buying a centrifuge machine avoid accidentally buying the scientific centrifuge, you want the 6-place laboratory centrifuge machine for blood tubes.


List of 6-Place Laboratory Centrifuge Machines Commonly Used 


  •  Drucker
  • Clay Adams 2
  • Grafco
  • Becton Dickinson
More helpful tips for Operation of a 6-Place Laboratory Centrifuge  

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