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How to Dispose of Bio-hazard Container - Sharp Container 



Many Mobile Phlebotomist want to know where to dispose their bio-hazard containers. There is a place to trash the bio-hazard containers, not in the regular trash of course. But you can dispose of them at your local Fire Department. But first call all the nearby Fire Departments in your city or other nearby cities; let them know that you are a Mobile Phlebotomist and ask them if you can dispose of your sharps-container or bio-hazard container at their location. 

Some sharps container are orange and some are red, the containers has a bio-hazard symbol on the front of the label. And all sharps containers have a "Fill Line" which means to avoid filling the container with sharps pass the fill line. 


 The sharps that a medical professional will dispose

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Blood tubes
  • Microscope slides (glass)
  • etc.


What ever your medical facility requires you to dispose of in the sharps container will have to go in the container, most likely those sharps will have the substance of blood in or on them.

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